I did some math today.  There are 39 more days until 12/31/14 (counting today), and I want to reach 80000 words in the WIP, so I need to add about 230 words each day.  Assuming I work every day.

Which I probably won’t.  So if I give myself 9 days off (more than reasonable with Thanksgiving and Christmas happening in the next 39 days), I have to add 300 words/day I work.

Doable?  Yes.

However, tonight I only did about 68.

But at least I did something!  I got through several more scenes and cleaned them up.  I need to get back to the new scenes in order to really up the word count, but I need to lay the foundation for them in these edits.

For now I’m off to bed so I can get up early tomorrow and work.


Happy to report I hit the 70K mark on the WIP today!  Revision are a bitch and it feels like I remove 300 words for every 150 words I add.  I know they are better words, but this book still has to be a certain length.

It will get there.