Missed yesterday – very busy and didn’t get up early.  🙁

Almost missed today.  Not feeling well this morning, even left work a little early.  Feeling a little better now, but it’s 9:15 and I should probably go back to bed.   Gonna write for a bit instead. <save draft>

Okay, worked some and made some progress.  Off to bed for now.  Hope to be feeling better tomorrow!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!*

*As said in the voice of a commercial announcer.

Confession time.  I did not edit 20 pages yesterday.  Also, I did not post here  🙁  I did do 11 pages, though, so at least I met my basic goal, which was 10 pages per day all week.  I got through about 135 total from last Sunday to Saturday – almost double my goal.  Pretty happy with that!

Today I rocked it again and got through about 49 pages.  A lot of this has been edited multiple times, just going through one last time.  I’ll probably have another pass-through since I still have two more scenes to write, then a few loose ends to tie up.

The end is in sight!

My goal for tomorrow is to finish the scene I’m almost done with, then start another one.  I’d like to have at least 3 new pages by the end of the day.  I plan to get up early and to work at lunch, unless I end up going to the store.  New words are hard for me but being in the flow of the story should help.

See you tomorrow!


Confession time.  I slept in this morning.  I snoozed once, then re-set the alarm and didn’t get up to write.

I did, however, make time to write this evening and have left myself in a very good place for tomorrow morning.  I added 317 words in  30 minutes and have a great jumping-off point for tomorrow.

I also made plans to write on Saturday, hopefully with a couple of other people so that it actually happens and I make progress.  Instead of just catching up on some much-needed sleep.

It’s been quite a week and I haven’t even started thinking about how I’m going to fit writing time in next week when we celebrate Thanksgiving.

I’ll have to worry about that later, though.  For now I’m headed to bed so I can be ready for the morning.