Effort counts

Once again I almost didn’t post, but because I worked, I made an extra effort to let you know.  I wrote another 588 words on the revised scene this morning.  Granted, some of those words were from the original, but it’s still progress and I’m counting it.

I”m not sure how much time I will get tomorrow, but I’ve worked every day for six days, so you can bet I’ll get at least 30 minutes in.  Thanks mostly to you.  It may sound weird, but writing these posts really does help me feel like someone’s checking up on me.

Hope everyone had a safe Halloween, and that you have a great weekend!

Thank you, accountants!

I wasn’t going to post tonight.  I’m tired and want to go to bed.  But I worked today and wanted to report it, even though there’s probably no one out there yet actually checking.  So, thank you in advance for holding me accountable.

I worked for about 45 minutes this morning editing one scene and starting a re-write on another.  I made notes on the story problem I’ve been working on and talked through more details on my commute to the day job.  That’s good thinking/brainstorming time.  I use the Dragon Dictation app to send notes to myself.  Love that I can be productive while sitting in traffic!

I have a few more things to do on the website, but I am putting them off until the weekend so I can use my limited weekday time for writing/planning.  Working a little bit every day really is making a difference.  Also, knowing I have to sit my butt down in the chair and do it because I’ve put it out there is helping quite a bit, too.

By George, I think I’ve got it!

I figured out the problem with the site and think I have it fixed!

I didn’t even have to resort to learning asp or php.  Whew!

I already made some progress today, so while I’m here, I’ll post my check-in.  If I do more tonight I’ll post that, too.

This morning I worked for about 30 minutes and wrote 226 words and deleted about 400.  Is that progress?  Yes, because the new words are better!

Also did a little brainstorming.  Hope to work on more of that tonight and flesh out the details based on new ideas.

Building momentum

I lied.  Kind of.  The website is up, but you can’t see it unless you go to www.galemichaels.com/wp, so the next item on the list is to figure out how to make a home page that points to the right place.  At least it’s there.  After learning about how to upload the site, when I went to go do it, it was already there.  Talk about confusing!  And I thought I was pretty tech-literate, which is why I’m being obstinate about hiring someone to create this site.

Anyway, my check-in for tonight is that I wrote 253 words in my 30 minute session this morning.  It’s not much, but every bit helps.  I also did a little more brainstorming  on one of the story issues.  At lunch I was able to brainstorm some more.

I’m seeing proof that the more often you work the easier it gets — building momentum.

I will work again in the morning and report back tomorrow night.  See you then!

Oh, did I mention the website’s not up yet?

I bought this domain almost a year ago.  Last week I finally bought hosting.  Today I decided I really needed to get this ball (book) rolling, so I set up the site and wrote my first post.  I haven’t, however, figured out how to publish the darn thing so it can actually be viewed on the web.   Shhhh… don’t tell me that no one’s actually checking up on me yet.

My report for today:  I wrote for 30 minutes, but it’s actually editing, so I don’t have a good word count.  Need to figure out a good way to track that.

I also did some brainstorming on an issue I’m having with the story, so that was time well spent.

Tomorrow I plan to write for at least 30 minutes in the morning, and at lunch I plan to figure out how to publish my newly created website so all you “accountants” can keep me accountable.

See you tomorrow!


Hold me…


That’s what this is.  Right here.  Right now.  You holding me accountable.

Thank you.

Now let me explain what you’re signing up for.  I am a writer.  It’s what I tell myself.  Sometimes I even tell other people.  But I have this small problem.

Writers write.

Lately there hasn’t been a lot of that happening here.  it’s hard to be a writer if you’re not writing.  So, I’m starting an accountability program.  I have learned I work much better if someone is expecting something from me.  You know, a deadline.  When you’re unpublished (or un-contracted), you have to set your own deadlines.  Evidently I’m not very good at that.  I think I’m too nice of a boss.

So I’m turning to you, whoever you may be, to hold me accountable — to expect something from me.  My goal is to write every day.  It may not be much, but I need to do something daily to get this ball (or book) rolling again.  I will post my progress here daily.

Look for my report.  If you don’t see it, call me out.   Please.

Wow.  This is terrifying.  My hand is shaking as I push the publish button, but it’s time to get to work so I can report something tonight.