Building momentum

I lied.  Kind of.  The website is up, but you can’t see it unless you go to, so the next item on the list is to figure out how to make a home page that points to the right place.  At least it’s there.  After learning about how to upload the site, when I went to go do it, it was already there.  Talk about confusing!  And I thought I was pretty tech-literate, which is why I’m being obstinate about hiring someone to create this site.

Anyway, my check-in for tonight is that I wrote 253 words in my 30 minute session this morning.  It’s not much, but every bit helps.  I also did a little more brainstorming  on one of the story issues.  At lunch I was able to brainstorm some more.

I’m seeing proof that the more often you work the easier it gets — building momentum.

I will work again in the morning and report back tomorrow night.  See you then!

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