Pretty sure I’ve used that title before.¬† ¬†Probably back in 2017 since I haven’t been on here since Jan. 1 of 2018 and now it’s mid-November.

November, people!

Evidently I’m good at failing.

If I was a character in a novel, that would be my lie.¬† That I fail at everything I do. Then I would have a goal, like, oh, I don’t know, maybe to write a book.

Then I would have to fight through the conflicts of having to go to work and using all my creative energy and willpower doing things other people push at me and computers breaking and my family wanting actual food.

But my motivation would remind me why I need to write this book.

And then finally, I would learn that I am not really a failure – look at all the cool things I did accomplish.

And then I would be able to finish the book.

The End.

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