Looking Ahead to 2018

2018 starts tomorrow.

That blows my mind. Where does the time go?

Family, chores, work, church, sleep, writing – although if I wrote than in order of actual time used it would be:  Work, sleep, chores, church, family, writing.

Which is kinda sad.

I heard recently that your priorities are where you spend you time.  So, if I intend to be a writer, I seriously need to re-prioritize my life.  Also, I should add commuting in here, but my commuting time is actually useful as I listen to audio-books or podcasts, or sometimes just jam to uplifting music that speaks to my soul.

For 2018, my goals are:

  1. Finish The Book (the one that has taken a lot of this blog’s time)
  2. Finish the second book.

That’s it.  Or at least all I’m tracking here.  But I need to break it down into steps that will help me achieve them.   And make sure my priorities are in line.

Ready, set, go!