I’ll be here all week

I have been here all week.  Maybe not here, here.  But writing.  I got up early every day this week to write, plus last Sunday and several hours today and it feels GREAT!

Not just because I feel like real progress is happening in the WIP, but because I kept the promise to myself.   My goal last Sunday was to write every day and I did it.  Yay me!

It helped knowing I have been putting my goals out here where anyone can see it and hold me accountable (not that anyone is, but you could start any time!).  I hate letting people down, so if you’re out there lurking, leave me a comment and let me know you’re checking on me.   🙂

I’m setting the same goal for this week: write every day.  I have a beta reader waiting for this book which is also helping prod me along.  If it takes a village, then I’m creating a village by making as many people as possible expect me to finish this book by 12/31/14.

I might even tell my family.  *gasp*

What’s worse than finding a worm in an apple?

Finding half a worm!

And now for something completely different….

Okay, sorry.  I think I’m a little punch drunk.  And by that I don’t mean drunk on punch.

I’m giddy with excitement that I’m making such good progress on the WIP.  I’m plugged into the writing world and keeping my goal in focus, and I feel so much better about it this week than last.

I have given myself permission to write the rest of the book in as many pages as it takes to finish the story, instead of trying to reach a certain word count.  What a freeing concept!

I had a hard time getting up to write this morning, but I’m so glad I did.  Plus I got a little more time during lunch today.  The scene is coming together and it feels great!

Four days!

So far, so good on my goal of writing every day this week.  Granted it’s only Wednesday, so it’s only been 4 days, but that’s better than I did last week!

Started a re-write of a scene today that I’ve been putting off for a while.  So far it’s going quite well.  Now that I’ve been through the whole beginning of the book and gotten things pretty squared away there, the rest of it might fall into place easier.  Wouldn’t that be great?

I have to confess, though, that I’ve been tempting the Universe.  I have been writing AND exercising this week.

Don’t worry.  The house is a mess.


Just a quick check-in to let you know that I did get up this morning and write.  I added just over 100 words and got to the scene that made me go back to the beginning and re-read/edit the whole thing.  So now I need to write that.

Which I plan to do today.  At lunch.  Yeehaw!

Emerging From the Holiday Cave

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!  Mine was evidently a little too good.  I got sucked into the Holiday Cave and couldn’t find my way out.

And now five of the nine days I was going to give myself for Thanksgiving AND Christmas are gone.


I worked last Monday, then not again until last night (Sunday).

But even though I stayed up later than I wanted to watching “Talking Dead” after the SHOCKING mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead”, I honored my alarm when it went off at 5:20 this morning and I got up and worked for an hour this morning.

I must continue to do this for the rest of the month.  And I better get a lot better at revising because I have a lot of work to do on this ms and not a lot of time.