Sitting Pretty

Okay, here we are, the day before my (second) self-imposed deadline, and I’m sitting pretty – pretty close to finishing!  I worked hard to wrap up some stuff this morning, then knocked out some small stuff this afternoon like making sure chapters were about even and numbered correctly, fixed the places I had marked with questions, and re-worked some rough spots.

Tomorrow I need to finish a scene and submit the query and then I’m DONE!!!

Well, and send it to a couple of beta readers and work in their feedback, but I’ll be done enough to start working on the next one.

Have I mentioned this book has been my WIP for the past seven years?

I probably shouldn’t mention it, but it’s the truth.

Can I just say I will never work on a book this long again?

Can you please hold me to it?  🙂


I’ll be here all week

I have been here all week.  Maybe not here, here.  But writing.  I got up early every day this week to write, plus last Sunday and several hours today and it feels GREAT!

Not just because I feel like real progress is happening in the WIP, but because I kept the promise to myself.   My goal last Sunday was to write every day and I did it.  Yay me!

It helped knowing I have been putting my goals out here where anyone can see it and hold me accountable (not that anyone is, but you could start any time!).  I hate letting people down, so if you’re out there lurking, leave me a comment and let me know you’re checking on me.   🙂

I’m setting the same goal for this week: write every day.  I have a beta reader waiting for this book which is also helping prod me along.  If it takes a village, then I’m creating a village by making as many people as possible expect me to finish this book by 12/31/14.

I might even tell my family.  *gasp*


I didn’t post last night, but I did write yesterday morning. I am posting tonight but I haven’t written today. 🙁

So, it evens out, right?


Although technically I still have time tonight, anything I write would be crap and I’d rather spend the time with my college kid who is home for one night. I will have to make up this time Sunday since I know finding/making writing time tomorrow is going to be hard.

The problem this morning was that instead of jumping right into writing, I checked Twitter on my phone.

Bad idea.

Later in the day I found a good post about building morning habits.  Follow me @GaleM_writes and check it out.  Good article, good tips, good idea.  You won’t catch me checking my phone first thing in the morning anymore!

And my point is….

The reason I started this blog was to hold myself accountable – to have you, my non-existent readers, hold me accountable to daily writing.  I modeled the idea after Nony on A Slob Comes Clean who figured out that talking about, planning, and making schedules for cleaning her house didn’t get her house clean.  She actually had (has) to do it.

Same with writing.  I actually have to do it.  I think about my story all the time.  I write notes to myself, talk to myself in the car, the shower.  But that’s not writing.  Heck, I’ve been thinking about this story for years.  Seven to be exact.  Well, it will be seven in December.  SEVEN YEARS!!!!

That is ridiculous.  I “wrote” two books books before this one and I’ve started another one since I’ve been working on this one, but none of those are actually finished.  They are third or fourth or tenth drafts that still lack elements of a story.  They were learning books.

I want to finish a book.  Get it so that it’s ready to send to an editor, an agent.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  I know that.  But it has to be a complete story.  I’m close on this one.  I have been learning craft and structure and I’m close.  I just have to get to the end.  The real end.

And so for over a week I’ve been writing/working  for at least 30 minutes every day.  Sometimes more, but so far, never less.  I will continue this until this book is finished.  Keeping in mind the goal I set earlier this week that I will be done by the end of 2014 and will query in January 2015.

Thanks for your assistance in helping me meet this goal.  Just being accountable is making me work.  Weird, but I’ll take it.

Hold me…


That’s what this is.  Right here.  Right now.  You holding me accountable.

Thank you.

Now let me explain what you’re signing up for.  I am a writer.  It’s what I tell myself.  Sometimes I even tell other people.  But I have this small problem.

Writers write.

Lately there hasn’t been a lot of that happening here.  it’s hard to be a writer if you’re not writing.  So, I’m starting an accountability program.  I have learned I work much better if someone is expecting something from me.  You know, a deadline.  When you’re unpublished (or un-contracted), you have to set your own deadlines.  Evidently I’m not very good at that.  I think I’m too nice of a boss.

So I’m turning to you, whoever you may be, to hold me accountable — to expect something from me.  My goal is to write every day.  It may not be much, but I need to do something daily to get this ball (or book) rolling again.  I will post my progress here daily.

Look for my report.  If you don’t see it, call me out.   Please.

Wow.  This is terrifying.  My hand is shaking as I push the publish button, but it’s time to get to work so I can report something tonight.